Get the invite link at your dashboard, spread the word around, motivate people to join, and get lifetime 5% of the income of your referees!



With the present COVID-19 threat, more and more businesses are beginning to look for extra income sources. Many traditional companies are planning to go digital. In difficult times like this, it is more important than ever to help others. Offer your friends and community a solution that will benefit you, too: Adsterra referral program!

Have you ever dreamt of having an extra passive income that doesn’t require long hours of set up and tons of research? Well, then Adsterra’s referral program is just for you – all you have to do is get your link from your dashboard and then share it, something that could be done while waiting for the water to boil. In return, you will get 5% of the revenue generated by your referees, forever.

How Adsterra referral program works

Each Adsterra publisher has their own personal referral page, where they can get their unique referral link at any moment. This page can be found on the dashboard, on the Referrals tab. If you don’t have an Adsterra account yet, sign up, add your websites, and then get the link. 

The income you get from the program depends on what your referees earn. With everyone migrating to the digital world due to the ongoing pandemic, it is likely that you won’t have to wait long until the profit rolls in, as income from sources such as digital marketing will rise. 

Still, we advise you to consider the fact that your extra income will depend on that of those you refer to the program. There is a wide variety of ways and mediums via which you can share your unique link, and combining them, alongside just posting the link more, is the way to go!

How to promote a referral link

There are several ways to refer publishers to the Adsterra network, allowing you to choose one that suits you best or combine several to maximize revenue. Here’s a brief overview:

  • Friends and colleagues: help those you care about set up their own stream of income by spreading the word about Adsterra Network by sharing the link with them
  • Blogs: write a positive review about Adsterra network on your blog and include your referral link to engage your readers
  • Social networks: an avid social media user? Post or tweet about Adsterra network and include your referral link to help people looking for extra income
  • Text links: do you own a blog or a website? Insert a link into one of your texts about marketing
  • Contextual ads: if you use AdWords, this is the option for you; just create a contextual ad that perfectly describes Adsterra Network and your invite link.
  • Comments: with self-isolation, many will be turning to online communication to satisfy their need to socialize; thus, it is the perfect time to post your referral link on forums, discussion boards, etc.
  • Signatures: add your referral link to your forum and email signatures to potentially gain new referrals with every message you send

Adsterra referral program is easy and quick to set up. Set up your stream of extra passive income today.